Articles, writing and criticism by and about artist Bruno Fazzolari.


SFMOMA Open Space
Dear Doug, by Bruce Hainley

Best of 2013 by Bruce Hainley

Geoff Tuck, Notes on Looking
Bruno Fazzolari, Without Title 2012, Scent and Paint

Melissa Feldman, Art in America
Bruno Fazzolari

Lani Asher, Art Practical
Mirror 5

Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle
Mirror 5 at Jancar Jones

Kevin Killian, SFMOMA Open Space Blog
Opening and Closing

Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle
Fazzolari at 16

Laura Chenault, ArtBusiness.com
Bruno Fazzolari

Benjamin Genocchio, New York Times
An Exhibit Stocked with More Food than Many Pantries

Stephanie Cash, Art in America
Report from San Francisco, June, 2002.

Bruce Hainley, Artforum
Bruno Fazzolari

David Bonnetti, San Francisco Chronicle
Shows at Paule Anglim

The New Yorker 
Short Review

Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle
Local Heroes

David Bonetti, San Francisco Examiner
Genial Deconstruction of DeYoung Museum

Ella Delaney, Art Papers
More Than a Feeling

Donna Leigh Shumacher, Art Papers

Bay Area Reporter
Que sera, sera: Whatever at Southern Exposure 

Roberto Friedman, Artweek
Bruno Fazzolari at Terrain


As rewarding as it is, writing articles is very demanding. As a result, I don't publish like I used to. Here are some of my best features, reviews, articles and interviews.

Conversation: Vincent Fecteau
Art in America, December, 2011.

Conversation: Sally Elesby
ArtPractical, August, 2011.

Conversation: Dean Smith
ArtPractical, May, 2011.

Conversation: Bill Berkson
ArtPractical, March 24, 2011.

Conversation: John Zurier and Linda Geary
ArtPractical, February 2010

Review:  Wayne Smith at Right Window
ArtPractical, May 2010

Review:  Andy Coolquitt at Jack Hanley Gallery
ArtPractical, January 2010

Review:  John Beech & John Zurier
at Gallery Paule Anglim 
Stretcher.org, July 2009

Review:  Mark Grotjahn and Paul Sietsema at Four Walls
Artweek, May 1996

Article: The New SFMOMA 
World Art International, 1995

Review:  Post No Bills at ACME 
Artweek, 1995